• Permanent makeup online supply shop will be open 2020!!!



    New York Manhattan permanent makeup salon opened and seminar started^_^




    Eyebrows Specialist, Microblading, Eyeliners, Lip & Permanent makeup professional

    Classes fees and supplies are ⬇️

  • New Technique~Microblading

    6D Microblading is new technique 3D hair stroke and feather touch, also ombre is new. Cosmetic tattoo is now looks really natural and not permanent. It is depend on what type of skin you have, like oily skin or dry skin. It will fade the color and get lighter in 1~3 years after the 1~2 touch up.

  • Become an artist


    LA, San Diego 留学 in California!!!

    綺麗を習い、最新技術を身に着けよう❣❣❣ ​


    Training classes are available anywhere in United States

    Learn newest technique and beauty❣❣❣ ​

    Newest permanent makeup training in United States of America. Microblading, ombre, shadow and removal. Ask for details...

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    We have limited seat❣❣❣

    Please contact us today and sign up to be a microblading artist. ​

    We have quality education by master educator. She is experienced since 2003.

    If you're local student, you must sign up before 2 weeks.

    If you're international student, you must sign up before 4 weeks.

  • Before, after and 2 weeks heeled eyebrows

    Perfect eyebrows for your beauty


    Before and after

    This eyebrow is before and after cosmetic tattoo.Ask for details!!!

    Man’s Eyebrow microblading

    right after the procedure

    This eyebrow is right after the microblading. If you want to have a perfect eyebrow, come and get it done by professional!!!

    Eyebrow microblading

    Before and after

    This eyebrow is right after the microblading. It is very important to take care the scars after the procedure. Ask for details!!!


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